Dweebs, Punks, and Jasons


It’s our 13th rotation around the Dorkospehere and there’s a bad moon a’risin’. Erik went Birdspotting, Jason took Vancouver and Shakespeare is as dead as Jon Snow. Punks and Neo-Nazi’s fight to the death in The Green Room and Captain Picard is there! Don’t be a dweeb, Wayne! Our show is better than making sex!

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Dweebs, Punks, and Jasons

Episode 11 – Ghosts, Ghosts, and More Ghosts


In this mini-episode, Erik podcasts alone from the guts of a haunted house while Annie is out of town fighting bigfoots and mermaids.

Inspired by a newspaper article mentioned on the podcast Too Beautiful to Live and in the style of the podcast LORE, Erik discusses the ghosts of the past, the ‘Watcher’ house in NJ, and what you can do as a home buyer to protect your new investment from ghastly apparitions and things that go bump in the night.

Rachel’s – Family Portrait
The Lemonheads – Your Home is Where Your Happy
The Mountain Goats – The House that Dripped Blood
Nothing Painted Blue – (I’m a) Haunted House

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Episode 11 – Ghosts, Ghosts, and More Ghosts