Episode 15.5 The Unofficial The Green Room Soundtrack


This mini-episode is a super-crossover with Erik’s other podcast The Novel Sound (thenovelsound.com) and Astro Radio Z. Hold your stereos close as Erik takes over the DJ booth to bring you lucky punks an unofficial soundtrack to Jeremy Saulnier’s The Green Room. This here is mix of songs that ran through Erik’s skull as the movie went on and quite possibly why he has no job in Hollywood providing music for soundtracks.

There’s plenty of cuss words within and loud music. Don’t fret – fan favorite Annie will return in Fear of a Dork Planet Episode 16.

Rage Well and go see The Green Room

Nazi Punks F*&! Off – Dead Kennedy’s
Look Back and Laugh – Minor Threat
My War – Black Flag
One Day – The Pinkerton Thugs
We are the Boys – Blitz
Self Destruct- The Trouble
I Don’t Wanna Die – 4 Skins
Gimmie Some Action – Fear
Song No 35 – Subhumans
This is Angry Part 2 – 7 Seconds
Execution Style – Cops & Robbers
Jesus was a Communist – Reagan Youth
The Whine of Youth – Channel 3
Watch Your Back – Cock Sparrer
Chip on My Shoulder – Slapshot
Still F*&!ed Up – Blood for Blood
Little Bit of Hatred – Plow United
F*$! Authority – Wasted Youth
Martin Decker – Randumbs
Doc Marten Stomp – Madball
Nervous Breakdown – Keith Morris
Luck Wasn’t His Friend – Glory Stompers
John Wayne Was a Nazi – MDC
Twisted Soul – Son of Sam
The Choice is Yours – Stalag 13
Your Attitude – Squiggy
Nuke the Nazis – The Oi! Scouts
Skins and Punks – The Templars
Don’t Tread on Me – The Cro-Mags
Two Days Ago I Turned Punk Rock – Third Year Freshman

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Episode 15.5 The Unofficial The Green Room Soundtrack

Episode 15 Misfits, Sharks!, and Black Metal


15 times the Dork Bell has tolled, and it’s time to pay our respects to artists and friends who have passed on. But then it’s off to IKEA for a chat with Sven and Lars, Black Metal Nazi’s VS. Aging Height Challenged Punks and great white shark VS. hot surfer babe and the continuing saga of Horst Nordfink & his Huge Mølars.

Production Note: Erik bought a new mic. This stupid new mic is a bit hot. Erik comes in too loud and Annie a bit too soft. We tried to fix this in post, but somewhere in the middle is the same great FREE show you know and love.

Please to enjoy

Episode 15 Misfits, Sharks!, and Black Metal

Episode 14 Witches, Panthers, and Tank Girls

THIS WEEK on Fear Of A Dork Planet: we’re burning witches, banging kangaroos and blowing through the back streets of San Francisco. Erik talks about Green Room, Annie talks about Tank Girl, we both talk about Cat People and we got so into it all that we forgot to drink the beer that Erik bought! You know it’s good when you forget to get drunk! Crank up the Bee-Gee’s and join us in the Beaver Trap – 60% of the time, we rule ALL of the time!

Episode 14 Witches, Panthers, and Tank Girls