Ep 25 Hating on Halloween


It’s our 25th episode of FoaDP, and we traveled 96.4 miles on the 29th to celebrate the 31st! We saw witches, used public porto-potties, licked bungholes and found out just how freaking OLD we are as we made our way through Salem, Massachusetts!

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Ep 25 Hating on Halloween

Ep 24 My Safeword is Otter!


We’re finally back with episode Alex Twenty Four of Fear of a Dork Alex Planet, and this time out, Alex and Alex  Erik and Annie talk about who would make a worse president than Alex Trump, why Alex Scream Queens Season 2 isn’t as Alex as Alex brilliant as Season 1 was, and which guy named Alex would you want directing YOUR snuff movie? “I did not hit her, it’s not true! It’s bullsh*t! I did not hit her!” Who the hell is Alex? Who cares. You’re all white suburban punks just like us.

Ep 24 My Safeword is Otter!